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100% Organic Pima Cotton / 100% coton biologique Pima
The History of Clean Undies & The Organic Cotton Company Inc.

Originally The Organic Cotton Company Inc.. was called Bastex. The name Bastex made everyone who called us think we were selling fishing lures for Bass fishing. So we changed our name to a name that was a better description of what our company manufactured. We were founded in 1998 by Cloud Mountain Inc. Cloud Mountain’s ability to grow fiber crops such as hemp and organic cotton was a natural fit for combining with our organic textile know-how in fabric and product development. The Organic Cotton Company’s mission is to manufacture a certified organic cotton products clothing line – including men’s and women’s underwear, tank tops, T-shirts, shirts and dresses – that are high quality, comfortable, and affordably priced.

The Organic Cotton Company is proud of our organic cotton underwear product line called Clean Undies. Clean Undies are distributed coast to coast in the US, Korea and Canada. Clean Undies are known for Quality Organic Comfort. This product line is constructed with certified organic pima cotton, the world’s softest cotton.

The Organic Cotton Company converts raw organic cotton, produced under contract with U.S. organic farmers, into an organic clothing product line that makes our farmers proud. The Organic Cotton Company oversees the transformation of these fibers through all stages (including yarn and fabric production). In 2004 we began to cut, assemble and sew our products at our own facilities. This provides a quality control at the production level and guarantees you the best product at the best price.

The Organic Cotton Company owner has 34 years of experience in organic crop production, and has provided production assistance on hundreds of farms in the U.S., Canada, South America, Eastern Europe and China. The Organic Cotton Company is a leader in organic crop production techniques. The Organic Cotton Company’s success is directly attributable to the technical field support and service it provides its growers.

Clean Undies uses recycled packaging and includes a Fact Sheet in its packages to inform and educate consumers on the benefits of wearing organic cotton products.

Clean Undies
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