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100% Organic Pima Cotton / 100% coton biologique Pima
Our Founder

Deeply committed to healing the Earth since 1972, our founder, Jon Cloud, has dedicated his life to organic production and processing. The Organic Cotton Company is an ethically based corporation focusing on organic fiber and production and processing. It is vertically, integrated through 30 plus years of organic field crop production experience. The Organic Cotton Company manufactures its products from organic Pima (Supima) the highest quality organic cotton in the world. We purchase our organic Pima cotton directly from the farmers. We clean and spin the raw cotton into yarn which in turn is ring spun (an actual form of knitting) into our soft and supple jersey and rib fabrics. Our fabric goes through a metamorphic process where it is transformed into garments for your pleasure and comfort.

When we say we are an ethical company we mean it. Ethical means growing crops in a manner that will sustain the Earth, especially or top soils for future generations as well as provide consumers with products that will last longer. Our underwear is designed and made using processes that will give you 4 to 5 times longer product life than most conventional underwear. Organic farms are required to have sheltered area for wildlife and to act as wind breaks to protect the fragile soil. Jon has trained thousands of organic farmers, written and mailed educational newsletters and articles on organic farming practices. He has been a founding member of many of the organic organizations that are now experiencing governmental recognition as leaders of the organic industry.

The Organic Cotton Company is not a company that jumped on the band wagon hoping to cash in on the organic industry growth. We are not a company that produces conventional product by the truckload and sells a little organic product because it is cool. The Organic Cotton Company is dedicated to only organic products. We have dedicated our life to building the organic industry and rebuilding our planet. Jon signs his correspondence, "Organic Heals the Earth." He means it, he lives it, and he thanks each of you for making the choice to support the organic way of life.

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