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100% Organic Pima Cotton / 100% coton biologique Pima
What Makes Clean Undies a Great Buy

1. Clean Undies are made from Pima, the highest quality cotton in the world.

2. Correct Stitches. We use a variety of stitches to produce the greatest comfort. Conventional underwear is usually made using one or two types of stitches allowing manufactures to make the underwear fast and cheap. However, they are not thinking about your comfort. The Organic Cotton Company uses up to 5 different machines to produce your underwear. The correct stitch in the right place avoids discomfort.

3. Our underwear will last 4 to 5 times longer than conventional underwear. Because Clean Undies is never treated with caustic chemicals, the fabric is far more durable than conventional cotton.

4. No elastic biting you. We over-wrap the elastic with soft pima cotton to provide you with the comfort you deserve.

5. No chemicals residues touch you. It's Organic.

6. You heal the Earth when you buy Organic Products.

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